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Customize SWT for Your Practice
Our convenient virtual courses highlight the latest research and practical applications of shockwave therapy. Whatever your area of specialty, you can learn how to administer radial shockwave treatment to achieve your patient's desired results. We offer comprehensive courses on SWT's applications for musculoskeletal treatment, aesthetic tissue improvement, and sexual wellness. 
Learn How our Shockwave Therapy Course Can Energize Your Practice & Improve the Lives of Your Patients
Using the same treatment plans in your practice and finding yourself overworked, overwhelmed, and frustrated? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the freedom and income to do what you want to do?

Add Shockwave Therapy to your practice! It’s the perfect trifecta – help your patients, help your practice, and add a stress-free emerging service!

Transform your business and the lives of your patients! Our Shockwave Therapy Masterclass will not only teach you and your team how to perform Shockwave Therapy, it will teach you how to do it well and how to promote it!

Our convenient online course taught by renowned shockwave therapy specialists that will help you stimulate your patient's treatment plans! We provide the systems and training so your team can deliver it instead of you!
Who Can Use Shockwave Therapy in Their Treatment Plans?
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Cutting Edge Treatment Method
Massage and physical therapists, orthopedic specialists, and other health professionals have found shockwave therapy (SWT) to complement other treatment methods. Radial shockwave therapy generates low-level acoustic waves. Studies have shown that these gentle vibrations promote new tissue growth.

SWT has been beneficial in conditions resistant to physical therapy or pharmaceuticals, like fasciitis, tendinitis, excessive scar tissue, and avascular necrosis. It has also shown promising results for sexual wellness and cellulite reduction.
The Wide-Ranging Applications
of Shockwave Therapy 
Pain Management 
Perhaps the most well-known utilization of SWT is the incredible pain relief it brings to patients. Our PainWave course focuses on how professionals can employ shockwave technology towards this crucial purpose, in addition to using it as a means of promoting joint health and helping clients recover from injuries. Those specializing in the area of musculoskeletal treatment such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, and orthopedic specialists can change the lives of countless patients for the better with this revolutionary technology. 
Sexual Health 
SWT is an incredibly powerful tool for rejuvenating genital tissue. Our Femipulse and MPulse courses dive into the methods that urologists and family physicians can take advantage of to improve the sexual wellbeing of both female and male patients. In doing so, these practitioners gain the ability to greatly enhance the intimacy of their clients. From acting as an effective treatment for ED to helping address struggles with urinary incontinence, the benefits of SWT in the field of reproductive health cannot be overstated.  
Aesthetic Services
Anyone who enjoys helping patients feel more beautiful and confident can find great success implementing SWT into their practice. This one simple treatment method can minimize cellulite, reduce scarring, and improve skin tone. Our SlimPulse course is ideal for cosmetic surgeons who want to offer complementary non-surgical services, as well as general practitioners who wish to expand their aesthetic offerings.
 We Make it Easy 
 Leverage the Power of Shockwave Therapy and Let Us Train Your Staff! It’s a Completely Turnkey Solution to Improve Patient Outcomes & Boost Your Revenue! 
Your Masterclass Shockwave Therapy Instructors:
These leaders are highly regarded pioneers in the emerging field of shockwave therapy. They firmly believe SWT to be a sustainable, non-invasive alternative to medicine and a treatment method that effectively addresses the root of your patient's pain. So, they share these techniques with those wishing to elevate their care and excel in their practices.

They will guide you in the basics of shockwave therapy and how to use this ground-breaking treatment to enhance your patient's recovery and overall wellness. Join them to invest in your practice's offerings and your patient's unique health journeys.
Eric Ehle, DO
Dr. Ehle of Well Life Family Medicine develops holistic treatment plans helping people lead happier, healthier lives. Dr. Ehle uses regenerative treatments like PRP and SWT to stimulate new tissue growth. 
Dennis Minotti II, DO 
Focused on regenerative orthopedics, Dr. Minotti combines his expertise in neuromusculoskeletal medicine with innovative techniques that stimulate tissue growth. He uses Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell Therapy, and SWT to promote his patient's healing. 
Don't Miss Out on this Turnkey
Approach to Shockwave Treatment 
Whether you provide clinical massage, physical therapy, sports medicine, or orthopedic treatment or want a more holistic approach when treating patients, SWT can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. This non-invasive treatment is significantly effective in improving patient outcomes. Patients prefer SWT to surgery and pharmaceuticals, especially those who haven't gained relief from standard treatment options.

Patients experiencing joint inflammation, necrosis, delayed fractures, and urological dysfunction who have not responded to medication or manual treatment find that SWT has offered relief. SWT has been proven to penetrate multiple tissue layers to trigger new cell growth and help restore muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.
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